Happier Than a Pig in Poop


Well, this post is way overdue.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Mia at Garnish Boutique in Baltimore. Since Garnish opened several years ago, Mia and I have been meaning to get together as fellow female same age-ish bridal/bridesmaid shop owners. Of course, this was able to happen after I closed, but it was well worth the wait, if only to hear Mia tell me that she was "happier than a pig in poop" when describing how it felt to achieve her goal of creating Garnish, the first boutique in Baltimore dedicated to bridesmaids.

While at dental school (yes, you read that right) and handling wedding invitations and planning on the side, Mia realized she was not cut out for a life of teeth. Instead, she made a decision to "follow her bliss," going to school to get her MBA in Retail Management and gaining retail experience through internships to ultimately open the world's best bridal and bridesmaid shop, Garnish. Which she has.

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique, Baltimore

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique

Nestled in a charming old building, and a relatively short drive from anywhere in the tri-state area, Garnish is a haven of exposed brick and hardwood floors, hosting a rainbow of bridesmaid dresses by Jenny Yoo, Coren Moore, Anna Elyse, Kathlin Argiro, Lynn Lugo, Simple Silhouettes, Siri, and Thread. This is the place to take your ladies to choose bridesmaids dresses. Almost every style, color, and size is represented, one moment with Mia and you'll know you are in very good hands.

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique, Baltimore

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique

Along with a well chosen selection of bridesmaids dresses, Garnish carries a vast array of jewelry, shoes, and gifts for your wedding party (or for you, really - I almost walked out with a necklace and a yummy lime-cilantro candle). There are also some really clever (and affordable) invitations designed exclusively for Garnish by Chelle Paperie.

Chelle Paperie at Garnish Boutique

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique, Baltimore

The icing on the proverbial cake is that Garnish also has an extensive collection of "alternative" bridal gowns by Jenny Yoo, Coren Moore, Thread, and more. Several of the dresses are under $1,000, which is a total score.

Garnish Bridesmaid Boutique, Baltimore

While hanging out with Mia at Garnish, I was both inspired and a little nostalgic for my own store, but most of all I was excited to meet such a great person. There is so much more to share about everything I saw at Garnish that I can't fit it all into one post! I could go on about Mia's own beautiful, wonderful wedding, our discussion about trends in bridesmaids dresses, and more great bridal gowns that don't cost a mint.

I promise this time I won't be such a slow poke with my posting!

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