This picture makes me feel like I did when I saw The Black Stallion for the first time.  Remember when Alec galloped down the beach with no saddle or bridle or anything?

For some reason that scene makes me think anything is possible.

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Dapper Gents

Have you seen Midnight in Paris with Owen Wilson? It got me thinking...if you could live in any era other than the present, what would it be?

There's something about the '20s and '30s I find very appealing. Although my notion of that time is largely formed by The Great Gatsby and Gosford Park.  So I'd have to be a dissolute lady who manages to endure her tragically boring life with clever repartee and lots of horse back rides all over some epically gorgeous estate.

Also I'd have to go  parties where men dressed like this:


Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

Isn't Rosie fierce?

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Didn't you always think that R2-D2 had a thing for Leia?


On the Move

Books. Love to read 'em, hate packing 'em.

5 small boxes for 2 bookshelves.  Lots more to go.

It's enough to make me weep.